7 - 21 Oct 2014

The body as a malleable material of art determines the concept of Dorota Sadovská's artistic work. In her hyperrealistic painting, the idea is enlivened by the aspect of bodily sensibility in the unconventional, often seemingly painful or lustful poses of her nudes. She plays with the ambivalence of the sexes in the gender surfing of her androgynous appearing protagonists. Consumerism and its effect on a gender-specific body consciousness become apparent as strategies in her art with themes such as identities, norms and roles in a distinctive and unique way.
Dorota Sadovská recently caused a stir in public space with her wrapping of the Ringturm in Vienna a year ago. Her work "Verbundenheit" (Connectedness) was visible from afar, day and night, the title of which was vividly demonstrated by three androgynous nudes glowing yellow and holding hands in spherical blue light as they floated around the tower.

Sacred figures such as Sebastian, Mary Magdalene, Thomas Aquinas, Cecilia and others, but also Adam and Eve, each become a kind of two-dimensional sculpture that shows the individual's preoccupation with his or her own human body.

Dorota Sadovská, born in Bratislava in 1973, is one of the most important representatives of the contemporary Slovak art scene and has been active far beyond the borders of her homeland for many years.