BILD-LUST: Group Exhibition

30 Apr - 30 May 2001

The theme of painting - still a fascinating field of action - forms the broad framework for the exhibition BILD-LUST - junge malerei. 20 young artists are presented in this context for the first time.

The focus of interest is on the future perspective of the works of artists who devote themselves to the painted image in a thoroughly pleasurable way. The question is which artistic modes in the image sector adequately convey the attitude to life and identity of this generation. A total of 51 works are presented. Despite all the different formal tendencies, the artists have in common the search for visual codes that convey the existential state of mind at the beginning of the 21st century. In all the individual positions of painting shown here, the artistic achievement and quality of the works is the decisive factor.

Although hardly any young artist finally commits himself to the medium of painting, it seems that not everything has been said in this sector. For the shifting of artistic fields of activity, be it from painting to the pictorial object, to photography, installation, performance or video, leads to the adaptation of a contemporary visuality and a feedback effect that allows us to expect an exciting development for the painted image as well.






Palais Harrach, 1010 Vienna



Dr. Karl A. Irsigler