Mary Halle, 1010 Vienna, 24 - 27 Sep 2020 

We are participaded again at the Vienna Contemporary Art Fair. The fair took place at the Marx Halle in Vienna. We will present works by Dénesh Ghyczy and Markus Huemer at our Booth C 07.


Markus Huemer deals intensively with the themes of reality and virtuality as well as the question of presentation and representation. In his works, he creates motifs that are formally very reduced, that appear flat like silhouettes and that are limited to a minimum in terms of colour and, depending on how you look at them, produce abstract patterns or concrete images. Huemer does not want to produce beautiful pictures that represent something, but rather create parallel worlds that communicate with each other. For him, the processual is essential and not the representation. His floral motifs do not serve as an imitation of nature, but much more as a formulation of another reality, a new truth, a theme that Dénesh Ghyczy also deals with in his painting. He constructs fragmented realities. The viewer looks at a painted surface that not only carries its own materiality, but at the same time creates the illusion of a room from where, usually by means of a window, a view opens into another room or reality. Like Markus Huemer, Dénesh Ghyczy also chooses floral and architectural components. He takes historically significant buildings and fills them with new life. His reduced and delicate painting style and the lonely placed protagonists within the rigid spaces create a melancholic prevailing mood.

The juxtaposition in a joint show provides an overview of the work of two different artists whose work already occupies an important position internationally.