Rade Petrasevic Austrian, b. 1982


Rade Petrasevic (b. 1982 in Vienna, lives and works in Vienna) works with figurative pseudo-narratives in which classic painting techniques and genres - such as oil on canvas, still life or nude drawing - enjoy a relaxed coexistence with highlighter aesthetics, uncouth stereotypes, easily recognizable commercial symbols and plastic shower curtains. Petrasevic's impatient, memorable style is rooted in painting, but also reveals a thoroughly humorous and relaxed approach to the major themes of art history.

In the often seemingly simple and innocent scenes, the artist playfully deals with stereotypes and clichés and can thus openly address sexuality and fetishes, body transformation and the tension between private and public. The bright colours, simple shapes and cheeky titles allow immediate associations and multiple readings and convey universal accessibility, warmth and intimacy.