23 Jun - 30 Sep 2022

The exhibition When Painting Kicks In shows selected works by eight contemporary artists who are primarily dedicated to painting, including Rade Petrasevic, who works within figurative pseudo-narratives and creates associations with classical modernism and art history with his nudes and still lifes and through his independent style using bold colors, simple shapes, and bold titles, she speaks freely about sexuality, fetishes, bodily transformations, and tensions between the private and the public sphere. Or Laura Limbourg, whose distinctly naive style of painting is characterized by the use of diluted acrylic paints and blurred contours, and whose motifs, which appear provocative, open up serious questions of gender equality, sexual discrimination and women's rights. Working with a sewing machine and a colorful palette, Georg Haberler invites you into his childishly naïve fantasy world with animals, people, houses and more. His surreal compositions tell endless stories to be discovered, flowing from one element to another, however, following the determination of a pictorial logic.